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Welcome to Working Holiday JAPAN official web-site. Have you gotten visa? Have you bought a map of Japan? Have you found a place to stay? This site is for students who are coming to Japan on working holiday. Recent record-high price of Japanese yen must hit young students severely. Here we are going to provide you very useful information, such as language schools with reasonable price, economical and friendly guest house, safe and healthy job. We support young people who are coming to Japan on budget. Let's enjoy with us!
April 2012

Tokyo Area

Tokyo is believed to be expensive place to live but if you look well enough, there are many reasonable places to live. The price varies from 24,000yen and up. *Working Holiday Japan is not resposible for any trouple relating housing contract so please be sure to check the place regarding the contract by yourself.

Guest House Tokyo
33,000yen - 39,000yen/month
Tozai Line Kagurazaka Station
Guest House Tokyo is located at Kagurazaka, one of the old-style-night-life street in Tokyo. There are many traditional style restaurants along pebble-pavement. In this area, there are many French related institutes so you see many french people.
Rent is in between 30,000yen and 36,000yen depending on the size. Wi-Fi access is free and you can rent a bycicle for 300yen/day.

TenShiba Guesthouse
Tenshiba Guest House is located in Waseda area. There is a house of Soseki Natsume, one of the Japanese writers from 19th century. Shiki Masaoka and Ryunosuke Akutagawa, other legendary writers in Japan, also lived around this area once. Even these days, a creator of anime "Devil Man" and Boo Takagi, a famouse comedian live around this area. Enjoy your tokyo life in Waseda!
TenTen & Shibaken Guest House offers only dormitory rooms.

Share House Tama (Female Only)
30,000yen - 33,000yen/month
Share-house Tama is located near Otsuka station on JR Yamanote line. It is domitory style share house. This share house is only for female. The rent for first 30 days is 27,000yen (discounted price) plus 9,000yen utility.

Edo Tokyo Apartment
Only 9 min. from Shin-Koiwa sta. 13 min. To Akihabara sta, To Narita Airport without changing train. 28,000 yen (30 days) and up! Plus utility fees.

Edo Tokyo Hostel
1,500yen / night. Inside the 23 districts of Tokyo. Newly renovated clean and bright space.
13 minutes to Akihabara, 14 minutes to Tokyo, and 20 minutes to Ueno by train.

Edo Tokyo Guesthouse
For long term housing. It is only 14 minutes train ride to Akihabara, 30 to Shinjuku. Maximum 16 people. 28,000 - 33,000 yen (utility included).

Guest House Shinjuku
Waseda Station(Toden Arakawa line)
Even though the closest transportation to the guest house is a classic tram, Guest House Shinjuku is located center of Yamanote Area. It is also close to a station of modern metro.
Rent is 33,000yen(27,000yen for the first 30days) + utilities.


Okinawa Area

Working Holiday Japan is not resposible for any trouple relating housing contract so please be sure to check the place regarding the contract by yourself.

Guesthouse CamCam Okinawa
Lively and friendly guest house in Okinawa! 800 yen / night and up.
The nearest station is Miebashi station on Yui rail (monorail).


In Case of Emergency

If you encounter an emergency situation such as robbery, injury, sudden sickness, here are the number you should reach.
119 : For Ambulance
110 : For Police

Renting an apartment

To rent an apartment in Japan, you need to have a gurantee who would be responsible for your payment. It has to be someone who has lived in Japan long enough and with a decent job. You usually pay the following expenses when actually having a contract;
Contract money: usually same amount as the rent.
Deposit; 1 to 3 months of the rent, used not to be refundable but has started being refundable these days.
Gift Money: 1 to 3 monts of the rent, extra money to the landlord. Not refundable.

Living in guest-house and share-house

It is still rare to "live" in a guesthouse for long period of time in Japan but because of the economy and high-unemployment-rate, guest-house and share-house are certainly becoming one of the options even for Japanese people. Begining cost of living in guest-house and share-house is drastically cheaper compare to renting an apartment. It usuarlly requires deposit and first month rent.

Subscribing Mobile phone

Most convinient and easiest way to have your own cellphone is to get pre-paid one. You buy the phone for about a couple of thousand yen and charge it at least 3,000yen. If you are staying more than 2 years, subscribing mobile phone is an option. Three main cell phone career(NTT docomo, au, Softbank) require you to subscribe at least 2 years.
Go to an electronic stores to get one. You might need an ID and a bank account or credit card to apply for subscription.

Getting Hair Cut

The cost of getting hair cut is usually about 4,000yen at an average hair salon but there are places that charge you only for 1,000yen or so. They are also very quick(some places take only 10 minites).

Launderette / Laundromat

There are launderette called "coin laundry". It usually costs 200yen to wash 4.5kg loads and 300yen for 7kg. Also 100yen to dry for 10minutes(extend the minutes by adding the coin).