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Welcome to Working Holiday JAPAN official web-site. Have you gotten visa? Have you bought a map of Japan? Have you found a place to stay? This site is for students who are coming to Japan on working holiday. Recent record-high price of Japanese yen must hit young students severely. Here we are going to provide you very useful information, such as language schools with reasonable price, economical and friendly guest house, safe and healthy job. We support young people who are coming to Japan on budget. Let's enjoy with us!
April 2012

General Information



Population 120,000,000
Geographic feature Japan consists of 4 main islands which is Honshu, Hokaido, Kyshu, and Shikoku. There are many small islands, such as Okinawa, Ogasawara islands, Izu islands, and so on beside those four islands.
Climate Japan has 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Spring starts around March until May. The temperature is about 12 up to 20 degrees celcius. There is a plum rain season in between spring and summer. During the plum rain season, it rains a lot. After the plum rain season, Summer starts from July to September.

Currency in Japan

Japanese yen.

10,000yen bill 5,000yen bill 1,000yen billcoins

Touristic Sceniery

flag_japanMt. Fuji:Japan is moutainious country; about 00 % of its land is mountain. The highest mountain is Mt.Fuji (altitude: 3,800m). The best time to climb Mt. Fuji is June and July unless you are very experient hiker or climber.

Postal Service

flag_japanJapan Post Service has basic service of sending mail and package domestic and overseas. Domestic postal fee is 80yen and higher for envelopped mail and 50yen for post card. Japan Post Service also provide banking service such as opening a bank account, wiring money, and so on.
Japan Post Service

Bank & ATM

To open a bank account, take your ID and some cash to deposit. Usually for Japanese people, "Hanko" (name stamp) is required to identify the individual but for foreigne people, signature is accepted.
Your payment for work is usually paid into your bank account.
You can withdraw your money from the bank ATM machine. Most of the banks have ATM service at a convinient store with a little charge depending on the time and day.

Public Bath(Sento)

銭湯There are public baths called "Sento". It is about 400yen to get in. Some places has sauna as well. They usually don't allowed people with tattoo to get in. Although some places carry shampoo and soap, bring your own toiletries just in case. At a public bath, wash your body before getting in to a bath tub. You shouldn't soak your towel into a tub.

Car Rental

To rent a car, you have to have either Japanese driver's license or international driver's license. The cost varys depending on duration and a type of the car you are renting. For example, if you want to rent a car for 24hours, the price would be around 7,000yen without insurance.